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Our group is interested in addressing water-related issues that challenge our society today. Earth has been experiencing unprecedented changes as the paces of climate change and human perturbation accelerate. The Arctic has been rapidly melting; tropical glaciers are retreating, putting millions, often communities with limited resources, at risk; flooding flushes large chemical stores (e.g., trace metals) into river networks; summer droughts speed up the decomposition of natural organic matter (e.g., falling leaves), promote emission of soil CO2 and incubation of diseases; increasing intensity of agriculture has driven rapidly-changing land use, widespread application of fertilizers, and impaired rivers and lakes worldwide.

Our group aims to tackle many of these pressing water issues. Our work typically involves analysis of water quantity and quality data and physics-based modeling in natural environments, ultimately aiming toward mechanistic understanding and forecasting power. We collaborate with research groups, often multi-disciplinary, on and beyond Penn State. Such settings capitalize expertise and knowledge across traditional disciplinary boundaries, and catalyze education of well-rounded students capable of addressing multi-faceted local and global water problems. We encourage students to reach out and visit other research groups, domestically or internationally, to broaden scientific horizons and forge new collaborations.

Interested in our research? Let's talk. Email Dr. Li at lili at engr dot psu dot edu