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Li Li, Barry and Shirley Isett Professor, CV

Elizabeth Andrews, visiting scholar / postdoc 

Soil inorganic carbon in drylands

Faith Atkinson, PhD student

Water, energy, climate, + human interactions

Abigail Knapp, PhD student

Snow, water, and warming at mountains

Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 2.15.09 AM.png

Devon Kerins, PhD student

Snow, water, and carbon in mountains

Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 2.01.22 AM.png

Fiona Liu, PhD student

Water and nutrients interactions

Kayalvizhi Sadayappan, 

PhD student, the magnificent roots

Bryn Stewart, PhD student

Solute export in small + large basins  

Andrew Vierbicher, PhD student

Water, roots, and fire

Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 2.00.42 AM.png

Wei Zhi, Research assistant professor, Big data, deep learning, watershed reactive transport modeling

Group Alumni:

Undergraduate researchers

  1. Shreya Ramesh, 2019 - 2022, Millenium scholar (now PhD student at University of Southern California)

  2. Immanuel Bissell,  summer 2021 (climate science REU, undergraduate at Yale University)

  3. Cissy Ming, Spring 2021 (inorganic carbon in US groundwater, now graduate student at Virginia Tech)

  4. Juan Pablo Speer 2020 (Climate Science REU, The University of Alabama at Birmingham)

  5. Xiaoqing Ye 2020 (summer undergraduate researcher, Penn State)

  6. Hayden Carpenter 2020 (summer undergraduate researcher, Penn State)

  7. Daniel Kozar 2019 (honors thesis, now PhD student, UC Davis)

  8. Sarah Ticker 2018 (WISER|MURE|FURP)

  9. Jaime Burdette 2018 (WISER|MURE|FURP) 

  10. Bryn Stewart 2017 - 2018 (undergraduate researcher)

  11. Sruthi Kakuturu 2017 (honors thesis, PhD student, UT Austin)

  12. Christian Alvarado 2017 (Undergraduate researcher, Penn State, WISER|MURE|FURP)

  13. Megan Smajda 2017 (Undergraduate researcher, Penn State, WISER|MURE|FURP)

  14. Kriston Ramdass 2017 (Undergraduate researcher, Penn State, WISER|MURE|FURP)

  15. Michael Cavazza 2014 - 2016 (honors thesis, now at engineer, Shell)

  16. Robert Follet 2012 (honors thesis, now at engineer, Chevron)


  1. Jancoba Dorley 2018 (PhD student, University of New Mexico, co-advised with Chris Duffy)

  2. Rebecca Fogarty 2014 (engineer, Baker Hughes)

  3. Mariya Skocik 2014 (engineer, Chevron)

  4. Jessie Tse-Hua Chao 2014 (Graduate student, University of British Columbia)

  5. Evan Frye 2011 (U.S. Energy Information Administration) 


  1. Dacheng Xiao 2020

  2. Wei Zhi 2019 (postdoc, Penn State)

  3. Zhang Cai 2018

  4. Hang Wen 2017 (Associate professor, Tianjin University, China)

  5. Chen Bao 2015 (engineer, Shell)

  6. Fatemeh Salehikhoo 2015 (researcher, University of Wyoming)

  7. Li Wang 2015 (associate professor, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China)

  8. Changhe Qiao 2015 (quantitative research associate, Susquehanna International Group)

  9. Peyman Heidari 2014 (assistant professor, Missouri University of Science & Technology)

  10. Peilin Cao 2014 (engineer, Chevron)


  1. Wei Zhi 2020 -  present

  2. Hang Wen 2017 - 2020 (associate professor, Tianjin University, China)

  3. Vikranth K. Surasani 2013 (associate professor, Birla Institute of Science and Technology, India)

  4. Hongfei Wu 2012 (engineer at Halliburton, Houston)

  5. Nitin Gawande 2011 (research scientist, Pacific Northwestern National Laboratory)

  6. Javier Vilcaez 2011 (associate professor, Oklahoma State University​​

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